How to Find Your Passion   and Reclaim Vitality

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Birds know they have to fly, a fish knows it has to swim and horses know they have to run. What about us? Let’s figure out how to find your passion?

Mother Nature had different plans for us human beings. She gave us the autonomy to write our script.

Now, was that a boon or bane, we don’t know for sure. 

The truth is many of us feel stuck, uncertain, and unfulfilled with the role we have to play in this life.

It could be frustrating not to know what we are supposed to do, start something only to realise halfway that it wasn’t what we are born to do.

The good news is that we don’t have to be in the throes of confusion and self-pity forever.

With a little introspection and self-observation, we can stop running around in circles.

It is possible to gather clues for who you are. The answer to the question “Who am I?” will lead you to an incredible life force that will drive your entire existence. We call this life force as Passion.

How to Find Your Passion?

Discovering your passion can help you reach your maximum potential and offer you a fulfilled life. If you have been feeling discouraged with your life, this article will enable you to unearth directions to a thrilling and exciting adventure called life. 

Here are 10 thought-provoking questions that could help you with how to find your passion. 

1. What Content You Consume

There is so much to learn, so much to know in this world. However, not everything captures our attention. 

You can get significant clues regarding your passion by observing where your attention usually goes.

Notice what kind of content you consume in your leisure time.

From the sort of books your read, the shows you watch on TV, to the articles you search on Google and the songs you listen to on YouTube — everything can tell you something about what constitutes your passion.

Is there something you find so fascinating that you lose track of time reading about it? 

Maybe there is something you are trying to understand and, you don’t mind studying and researching about. If given a chance, you can talk on that subject matter for hours, without feeling tired.

Make a note of the recurring theme that soars your curiosity and keeps you engrossed and unencumbered.

2. What Makes You Come Alive

Not all human beings are the same; each of us is prone to a different response to the same stimuli. Something which energises you might deflate the very life force out of somebody else.

In the quest to identify your passion, it’s imperative to pinpoint stimuli that create vitality in you.

Think of all the places you visit, activities you do, people you meet, and answers you seek, and the ideas you fancy, which instantly light you up.

When you come alive, there is a positive sense of excitement, a comfortable thrill, a natural and effortless life-creating force. You feel fireworks in your mind and body, and find it fulfilling.

For instance, some people find the experience of shopping therapeutic while some find it excruciatingly numbing. Spending time with children may bring out the inner child in some; for others, it could suck the energy out of their bodies.

Reflect on the positive experiences of your life, and try to come up with some stimuli which fire up your neurons. 

3. What’s Easy For You

Each individual has innate talents or skills and abilities which they acquire over a lifetime. The way they train themselves, and accumulate knowledge and, the experiences they gather, make them better than others, in their respective field.

Time spent in school, college and at work give us ample chances to become aware of our talents and abilities.

We may be good at a particular subject, sports or an extra-curricular activity while we suck at others.

As life happens, we begin to have a fair idea of what comes easily to us and about our strengths.

The more exposure we have to exercise our talents and strengths, the more confidence we have in our abilities.

Compliments, good grades, awards you win, and ‘Thanks’ you receive are some of the surefire indicators of your talents and abilities.

Make a list of your talents and strengths to get clues to find your passion.

4. What You Love Doing

You might be awkward at something, have no real talents or skills for it, but still, it is possible to love it.

You don’t care what others think of your performance; you do it just because of the sheer pleasure it provides you.

No urge to measure yourself, compete with others, showcase your love — you love doing that activity; this is pure affinity, and only you know how it fulfils you.

5. What Things You Must do Before You Die

When we are young, the life ahead looks like a big, blank canvas and thoughts about our mortality rarely occur.

Our mind is full of infinite possibilities and visions of the future.

However, a simple fact of life is that it has a limit; and there is only so much you can do while you are here on this planet.

Think of your most important aspirations, goals and wishes — which if you didn’t achieve in your life today — will fill you with the biggest regret if you were to die tomorrow.

Weeding out the fluff, the unnecessary, the unimportant details will reveal your life ambitions and purpose.

6. What Problem You Want to Solve the Most

Our environment, life experiences, circumstances and the wisdom we receive, shape us up. 

Not every problem on the earth stirs our hearts. There are some things which we can relate to more and ache us more.

Look carefully around you; you will find causes, problems, places and people who you want to extend your help the most. 

Think, who you want to help the most; how you want to do it and what solutions you can offer.

A passion becomes meaningful and purposeful when you direct it towards others.

7. What Makes You Feel Jealous

Jealousy and passion are both intense emotions. 

Discomforting as they are, feelings of envy and jealousy could be a powerful clue in identifying your passion.

Jealousy makes us aware of the things we want for ourselves. 

Acknowledging our deepest desires can help us bring closer to our authentic selves.

Being honest with what we want, what truly comforts and fulfils us can guide to our passion.

8. What will Heal You

There aren’t many people who do not want to change any aspect of their lives. We are barely perfect and struggle to keep things moving ahead.

Think of the changes you want to bring in your life. Somebody promised you a superpower, which one would you choose? Why?

The content of prayers and your dreams can guide you toward your passion.

Pain is inevitable. Each of us has our fears, the reasons we are restless and sleepless at night. What will bring comfort to you? Think of the traits you want to change in your personality.

The drive to change, to reach the desired state are essential constituents of your passion.

9. What Sucks Energy Out of You

Moving towards your passion also means rejecting the activities, people, beliefs and places which make you die from the inside.

Anything which is making you dull or stressed out, lowering your spirit, draining your energy is an indicator that you need to bid it adieu.

You might enjoy doing some activity, but if it leaves you exhausted and empty, that’s not your passion. 

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, who are your friends and where you live if the activities you do, don’t contribute to your vitality.

10. What You Care About

There is an element of worry in passion.

You might excel at something, really enjoy doing it and come alive every time you indulge in it. However, if it’s not something you care about or you feel is not important, the chances are that it is not your passion.

Passion has a concern for it; that’s what keeps it alive.


A life guided by passion can have a dramatic impact on your well being. While it’s not easy to find it, there are ways that can help you reach it. Being self-aware and conscious of your likes and dislikes, affinities and repulsions, strengths and weaknesses, and wishes and worries can give you ample clues which can uncover your hidden passion.

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