Hi, I’m Pallavi Gupta.

I am the creator of Womentonic which is a self-help blog for women but not only limited to them. Articles focus on their well being including mental health, menstrual cycle, sex and relationships.

I have been writing on Womentonic since 2021.

How Womentonic Will Benefit You

I’m a sucker for useful ideas. The main question I explore through my writing is, “How can women live better?”

In other words, I want to share great ideas and explain them in a way that is easy to use and apply to daily life.

My articles focus on topics like…

  • How to find clarity, contentment and inner peace
  • In what ways our menstrual cycle affects our mood
  • How to have a peaceful life
  • How to improve our relationships, love and sex life

Womentonic is Categorised Into 3 Sections


The articles under this category aim at improving mental health and gaining clarity in life.

How Not to Lose Focus

Having Trouble Trying To Sleep At Night?

How to Stop Ruminating?

Let Go of Guilt and Regret

Career Confusion

Overcoming Feelings of Worthlessness

Combating Loneliness

Stop Seeking Approval

Get Rid of Perfectionism

How to Stop Trying to Control Everything

How to Do Nothing

How to Cultivate Self-Compassion


The articles under this category cover topics related to love, sex and relationships.

How to Forgive Yourself for Cheating and Not Telling

How to Deal With Love Addiction Withdrawal

Is Sexting Cheating If You Are in A Relationship

My Husband Makes Me Feel Worthless

What does Cheating Say About A Person

How to be More Sexually Assertive in Bed

Ways to Control Sexual Urges When You Are Single

How to Stay Focused During Sex

End an Affair With A Married Man

Interesting Sex Facts

How to Stop Missing Your Ex


The articles under this category cover topics related to the menstrual cycle and its impact on women.

Menstrual Cycle is Key to Your Peace